A Handbike for Magnus – Weber Collects Donations

15. September 2023

Colleagues help colleagues.

Both children of a long-standing employee have been diagnosed with a rare genetic defect that will make them dependent on help for the rest of their lives.

The family drew attention to their fate with an appeal for help in a Cologne daily newspaper. Both children are seriously ill and urgently need medical aids, e.g. so-called “Mollii suits” and means of transport. The son would like a handbike. However, all of this is very expensive and the health insurance fund only authorises the bare essentials.

Touched by the family’s great suffering, the colleagues spontaneously join forces and also receive generous support from various suppliers. The Weber management rounds up the sum at the end.
The fact that a high 4-digit sum can be handed over to the overjoyed family shows once again how empathy and helpfulness are practiced in the large Weber community.