Weber EnergyService

Know-How and Continuity in the Service of Your Plants

Weber EnergyService

Know-How and Continuity in the Service of Your Plants

The area of EnergyService, Berlin, includes the two companies Weber Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH and Weber Energie- und Umwelt Service GmbH. Together the two companies represent a tightly organised, successful part of the Weber Unternehmensgruppe. Their outstanding performance is due to the highly qualitied core workforce, consisting of technicians, welders and installation specialists, who daily demonstrate their expertise in the execution of numerous projects. Weber Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH is concerned with the fabrication of machine-related pipeline systems for gas turbines and steam turbines, generators as well as phase shifters. Weber Engerie- und Umwelt Service GmbH specialises in service and maintenance of energy supply facilities as well as related industries.


Boiler Refurbishment

No matter whether shell boilers or water tube boilers — you are in good hands with us. We repair and/or refurbish boiler plants. The range of services includes both the construction of collectors and replacing of individual components (e.g. heat exchanger bundles and membrane walls).

Heat Exchanger Construction

We are familiar with heat exchangers. Whether repair, partial refurbishment by means of new tubing or new construction. Our specialists implement the requests of our customers in a target-oriented manner.

Mechanical Engineering

The area of mechanical engineering is dealing with complex maintenance as well as the revision of turbine, pump, and ventilation systems of all makes.

Plant Engineering, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

Your competent partner in the field of plant engineering and pipeline construction regarding water / wastewater and environmental systems. Our strengths as a competent service provider includes professional consulting, the development of creative and cost-effective solutions and the implementation of your projects in an efficient, flexible and environmentally-friendly manner.
As general contractor, we support you as a reliable partner from measurement on site, to construction, assembly preparation, assembly of pipelines made of steel and stainless steel in any nominal diameter, equipment technology or the coordination of subcontracting companies through to the turnkey handover.

Materials Handling

We assemble, maintain, repair, and modify almost all materials handling equipment such as cranes, winches, lifting equipment and wire rope hoists, as well as continuous conveyors; we also plan preventive maintenance for you.

Special Steel Engineering, Flue Gas Ducts

Special Steel Engineering
Thanks to our excellently equipped workshop and the technical know-how of our employees, we are able to cover all possible requirements in the field of steel construction. Our skilled workforce is specialised in customised designs and will create innovative solutions for your project.
Internally Insulated Flue Gas Ducts
The internally insulated flue gas ducts developed and manufactured by us are designed in accordance with most diverse customer specifications and have been reliably tried and tested since 2000.

Power Plant Engineering, Skid-Systems

Another core competence is the fabrication of turnkey systems, so-called SKIDs. We provide you with everything from a single source — pipe racks for power plant control units including pipes, wiring, steel construction, colouring, packaging, and transportation.

Special Welded Constructions

The diagnostics and repair of welded components such as combustion chambers and pipeline systems complement our service programme. Our team of experienced specialists is immediately on the spot to solve your problem in a flexible, quick, and uncomplicated manner –worldwide.

CNC Bending Machine

We are in a position to realise any pipe bending works of various materials and a wall thickness between DN8 and DN100. We provide a bending procedure with a radius of 2.5 x diameter.

Phosphating Tank

A first initial preservation through phosphating is carried out in our in-house phosphating tank with dimensions of 7.0 m x 2.0 m x 1.5 m. We offer additional preservation measures and special coatings individually, upon customer request.

Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Bandsaw

With our fully automatic double-column horizontal bandsaw machine with ARP system we cut according to customer’s specification:

  • pipes, including stainless steels and tool steels
  • profiles
  • solid materials

Pressure Test Stand

For the verification of adequate strength and tightness we carry out pressure tests, using both water and gas:

  • water: 420 bar (max.)
  • helium: 35 bar (max.)