Over 100 Years of Innovation and Tradition


Over 100 Years of Innovation and Tradition

The foundation and the development of the Weber company is the story of committed, conscientious entrepreneurs in connection with sustainable customer relationships. It is about men who quite early accept responsibility and the role life has intended for them. But it is also about strong women who support these men, accompany them on their eventful journeys through life and give decisive impetus. And it is the story of employees who continuously support the company, share the burden of difficult decisions and are always loyal to their employer.

Weber Chronicle


Foundation of the nucleus of the Weber Unternehmensgruppe in Merseburg by Ing. Karl Weber.


Takeover in the second generation by Dipl.-Ing. Hans Weber under the company name of H. Weber KG.


Termination of the activities in the Soviet occupation zone and relocation of the company headquarters to Cologne.


Transfer of responsibility to Dipl.-Ing. Dierk Weber as the third generation.


Weber has a workforce of more than 1,000 people.


Foundation of Weber N.V. at the chemical site in Antwerp. Acquisition of Mertens, merging into Weber Rohrleitungsbau Pulheim later.


New start of Weber Industrieller Rohrleitungsbau & Anlagenbau at the place of foundation in Merseburg.


Acquisition of AMROS, todays Weber Armaturenservice GmbH, and of AADIPLAN GmbH Digitale Anlagenmesstechnik, integrated in Weber Engineering meanwhile.


Acquisition of EUS Kraftwerkservice, today EUS-Weber Energie und Umweltservice, Berlin.


Acquisition of the activities of Lauer Planung und Montage with main location in Ludwigshafen. Acquisition of Planungsgesellschaft Koernig, today’s Weber Engineering.


Expansion of the activities of Weber Merseburg company by the foundation of the subsidiaries in Schwedt and Wittenberg.


Foundation of Weber Gerüstbau; the Weber Unternehmensgruppe has a workforce of nearly 2,000 people now.


Benjamin Weber joints the company as the fourth generation; acquisition of today’s Weber-Stahla.


Acquisition of the business of ERLO by Weber Rohrleitungsbau, Pulheim.


Benjamin Weber becomes co-partner of the group of companies and co-general manager of the parent company in Pulheim; new company names highlight the name Weber and the industrial character of the business.


Expansion of the Bavarian subsidiary at the Burghausen and Gendorf locations.


Expansion of the activities in the northern regions. Extension of the business areas by the construction of ship piping systems.


Acquisition of EWEX Engineering GmbH, today’s EWEX-Weber Engineering.


Acquisition of the service activities of Eickhoff Industrie-Anlagenbau und Montagen GmbH.


Weber Engineering strengthens the activities in the northern region by the acquisition of KEYNES Walter Planungsgesellschaft based in Hamburg — merged in Weber Engineering in the meantime.
D&N Kraftwerkstechnik — today Weber Kraftwerkstechnik — and D&N Anlagenbau Berlin — together with Weber Energie und Umwelt Service become Weber EngergyService, Berlin, thus becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Weber Unternehmensgruppe.


Acquisition of Stadler + Schaaf Kraftwerk- und Industrieservice GmbH — today’s Weber Kraftwerk- und Industrieservice GmbH — focusing on dismantling of nuclear facilities. Full acquisition of Montingenergetika d.o.o., Maribor, Slovenia, renamed into Weber Montage SI d.o.o.


Takeover of Axagon GmbH & Co. KG, Liederbach — today part of Weber Engineering GmbH & Co. KG.
Acquisition of ISK Ingenieurgesellschaft für Statik und Konstruktion im Anlagen und Maschinenbau mbH, Dortmund.


Acquisition of RS Anlagenbau GmbH, Stammheim. 100-year anniversary of the Weber company.


Acquisition of Ib Industrielle Beschichtungen GmbH, Schwedt.
Takover of all operating activities in pipeline and plant construction of J. Enning Anlagenbau GmbH.


Market leader in industrial pipeline construction in Germany

A Success Story in the Fourth Generation

Ing. Karl Weber

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Weber

Dipl.-Ing. Dierk Weber

Benjamin Weber