Industrial Coatings

Protect, Preserve, Renovate

Industrial Coatings

Protect, Preserve, Renovate

ib Industrielle Beschichtung in Schwedt is your expert for a wide range of coating techniques with extensive experience in national and international projects under demanding conditions.


Industrial protection against atmospheric corrosion

Atmospheric corrosion protection for pipeline construction, steel construction, vessels and other steel components in industrial plants and infrastructure facilities. Our broad range of services complies with all standards and regulations concerning corrosion protection measures (DIN EN ISO 12944, ZTV-ING, ZTV-W, NORSOK standard, etc.).
The works are carried out in our own workshops or at the customer on the job site directly.

Media corrosion protection (internal coatings)

Internal coatings for storage tanks and vessels made of steel or concrete for the storage of: flammable and non-flammable liquids or chemicals such as fuels, oils (dissipative coatings); coatings for the storage of drinking water and food; acids and bases, as well as wastewater. These works are executed by means of special two-component, hot-spray coatings which are distinguished by fast reaction times as well as high chemical and mechanical resistance.

Fire protection coatings

Fireproof coatings as a protection of steel components in the event of hydrocarbon fire (HC) or cellulosic fire (CF), such as steel structures, vessels, liquefied gas tanks, skirt supports, etc. in industrial plants or in structural steelwork.

External coating of buried components

External coating of steel tubes and fittings using polyurethan coatings in accordance with DIN EN 10290, the external coating of pipelines using tape systems in accordance with DIN EN 12068 and the external coating of buried vessels according to DIN EN 12542:2020 by means of epoxy resin coatings.

Concrete repair & coating

Concrete repair in accordance with ZTV-ING, RILI-SIB and DIN EN 1504.
Coatings and linings in compliance with WHG for so-called LAU facilities. Waterproofing & joint repair, crack injection, concrete and floor coatings.

Paint works, flooring and facade works

Classical painting and wallpapering, facade refurbishment and flooring works.