Weber Scaffolding

Know-How and Continuity in the Service of Your Plants

Weber Scaffolding

Know-How and Continuity in the Service of Your Plants

Our scaffolds carry! We regard ourselves as your service partner in industrial scaffolding. Our solutions convince equally through know-how, safety and economic efficiency.
The clients of Weber Gerüstbau GmbH mainly operate chemical, petrochemical or energy facilities. The companies’ objectives, the principles of occupational safety and the most stringent quality requirements always have priority here.
It makes no difference whether you ask for our services during ongoing operations, at downtimes or within the scope of a frame agreement partnership. We are your partner in maintenance, new and conversion projects as well as for specialised and engineered scaffolding solutions.


Industrial Scaffolding

As a reliable partner and service provider to the industry, we offer you the basis for safe access of all trades to their respective job sites with our modern scaffolding systems. Due to our experience, flexible logistics and purposeful order preparation, we help you to save time and expenses.

Special Scaffolding / Engineered Scaffolding Solutions

Bridging structures, shoring towers, complete enclosures of plants. Wherever technical skills, the manufacturers’ instructions and the requirements of the technical guidelines alone are no longer adequate, we offer you customised alternatives as special scaffolding or engineered scaffolding solutions. Perfectly tailored to your needs.

Enclosures / Weatherproofing Structures

An enclosure or the partial covering of scaffolding structures is always oriented on your demand. We use lightweight safety nets and tarpaulins, heavy tarpaulins, welded tarpaulins for black-and-white areas, anti-static tarpaulins for areas exposed to explosion hazards as well as cassette roof systems in a weather- and winter-proof way.

Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffoldings are often used where site conditions do not allow the use of ground-based scaffolding or if their use is hardly reasonable. As defined by our high safety and quality standards, an early detailed planning, including suitable access for the workforce as well as equipment, are the basis for designing suspended scaffolding at Weber Gerüstbau.

Facade Scaffolding

The standardised and easy to use system components of our facade scaffolding ensure an erection of scaffolds, encasing predominantly smooth wall surfaces in the field of residential, office and commercial buildings primarily.

Mobile Scaffolding

In addition to mobile scaffolding consisting of lightweight system components, we also construct customised mobile scaffoldings and mobile scaffolding structures. In this way, we can ideally meet your special requirements on flexibility, the use of scaffolds at several sites, or their temporary use in sections of traffic areas.